Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Somerset Hills Progressing Nicely

Things are progressing nicely on the irrigation replacement at Somerset Hills Country Club in Bernardsville, NJ.  First, the pump house turned out amazing.  Because of environmental restrictions, the footprint of the existing pump house could not be enlarged or expanded.  So, in order to gain capacity which requires larger equipment, the club chose to use a submersible pump configuration, where the pumps themselves are actually located out in the pond on sleds.  These pumps discharge the water through High Density Polyethylene pipes, back to the location of the former pump house, which has been totally reconstructed from the floor up.  Inside this structure is a skid that includes filtration and flow metering. The pump control panel is also located within the structure, but is not shown in the pictures below.  The exterior of the new structure is a work of art.  Designed to appear like a root cellar, the building is "sunken" below grade, however,due to some creative earthwork, the structure still uses the finished floor elevation of the former pump house, but earth was graded up to the new structure to make it appear that half it is below grade.  I must say, it is all very tastefully accomplished for such a utilitarian type of structure.  What's also nice is with the pumping equipment being located under water out in the middle of the pond, there is literally no pump noise generated from within the pump house itself.  Its perfectly quiet inside the building. The only thing that makes any noise at all is an Aqua master Aqua Air system when running. This system is an air compressor that runs and generates oxygen that is fed through a series of tubes to diffusers that are strategically located in the pond.  It too, like the pumps, are low visual impact.  Only small disturbances may be seen at the water's surface where the oxygen from each diffuser escapes the pond.  The aqua air is very efficient pond aeration, and does wonder's for keeping the pond clean and free of algae.  The irrigation installation is progressing nicely as well.  The contractor, Landscapes Unlimited, from Lincoln, Nebraska has worked strategically since receiving materials in early July to get mainlines and wire paths brought back to the Central Controller located at the Club's maintenance area.  This was done so that the new Rain Bird IC System could be programmed and operated from the Central as early as possible.  From that point on, all areas are entered into the sprinkler data base as soon as they are completed, and stations are being operated automatically almost as quickly as they are installed.  Like the pumps, the pump house and the pond aeration system, the IC control system is also visually low impact on this beautiful property whereas all electrical components are buried below grade and no one has to ever look at ugly control boxes on this property ever again.  The lucky members of this wonderful club will enjoy the beauty and serenity of this property the way it was intended when A.W. Tillinghast designed the golf course back in 1918.  It is truly a special property and Atlantic Irrigation is very proud to be a part of this legacy.

Pump House Exterior and Pond

Pump House Interior Showing Filtration Skid and Magnetic Flow Meter


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